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News Item: Rumbunter to Expand Media Empire




The vast conglomerate that comprises Rumbunter Enterprises™ announces today that it is tightening the already Boston Strangler-esque  grip it has on the world’s media by entering into [with the inevitability of eventually dominating] the burgeoning world of podcasting with the release of Volume 1, Episode 1 of  The Rumbunter Podcast®

The inaugural show, hosted by Rumbunter Contributing Editor Cocktailsfor2 and Rumbunter Owner / President / Media Mogul / Chief Cook and Bottle Washer / Genius / Madman Tom Smith and ably produced and assisted by Adam Peindl, features an extended interview with Charlie Wilmoth of Bucs Dugout and features a surprise musical guest as well.

The Rumbunter Podcast® is available at the following link:

The Rumbunter Podcast (Vol. 1, Ep. 1)

It is available for immediate listening, or can be downloaded for listening on most portable devices (download link provided at linked site).

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