Pittsburgh Pirates, Neal Huntington Die Hard

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the recent Pittsburgh Pirates blowout/ten run rule losses, we found ourselves watching Die Hard 2.  It’s an addicting movie.  Just when you think Bruce Willis/John McLain is finished, he comes back for more–hence the title. 

The movie is a weak link in the Bruce Willis action movies, but that never stopped us from watching. 

While we were watching it, we tried to remember what inspired us to Photoshop Neal Huntington as John McLain so long ago….

And then it hit us.  The inspiration was ‘the shit hits the fan’ scene in the airport tower ……ahhhhh, yes all the tragic memories of seasons past came rushing back.

Just like the movie, that feeling sucks…

But just like McLain, Huntington will prove hard to kill.   We think the Pirates will be just as hard to kill too.   Did you happen to notice that the Bucs battled back in those blowouts?  Sure, you can say it doesn’t matter when the scoreboard is so lopsided.  But how many Buccos were left on base Friday night?  How many hits did they have? 

There are a pile of negative signs in this ten game losing streak.  But there are also some, however small, positive signs in this horrific streak too.  You just have to look closely to see them.  

The Pirates won’t roll over for anyone.  Huntington won’t roll over for agents this week either as he works to get the top two draft picks signed over the next seven days.  It’s a big week for Huntington and his crew.

Just like John McLain avoiding DC airports on Christmas Eve is a great idea, the Pirates getting out of Pittsburgh might actually be a very good thing too.   But keeping Neal Huntington in Pittsburgh’s GM chair for a couple more years is a good idea.  


At about the 2:22 mark is our favorite line of the movie.



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