Proud Again: The Pittsburgh Pirates Video


With the St. Louis Cardinals in town tonight and the Bucs going for a sweep, the timing of this is rather good.  Proud Again is the story of the 1988 Buccos. If Andy Van Slykes’ throw doesnt give you goose bumps, you’re a mutant. Watching skipper Jim Leyland tear up…Mr. Rogers with an outside fastball….damn, it’s good stuff. Many people have asked me about this video over the years. Knahsb93 made it happen. Enjoy.

From three consecutive last-place finishes to contention in the National League East and an all-time attendance record, the 1988 Pittsburgh Pirates were one of Baseball’s most dramatic and exciting stories. Recapture every exciting moment – from Opening Night and the first regular season sellout ever at Three Rivers Stadium… to a summer long pennant race with the New York Mets… to the dramatic season finale.

Proud Again with the voice of Lanny is the story of the 1988 Pirates dramatic run.

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