Baseball fans from St. Louis to Pittsburgh are buying this costume at a record pace.

Hottest Halloween Costume: Jerry Meals the Blind Umpire

Jerry Meals is the umpire that some feel sent the Pittsburgh Pirates season into a tailspin.

After he blew the call in Atlanta, many felt the last place Meals would be seen was working the Major League Baseball postseason. We were all wrong.

“Philadelphia had their own criticism, and that’s part of what I said,” La Russa said. “When you watch these games — especially with the stakes — you want all the calls, they want all the calls. Somebody’s going to be upset most of the time.”

Want to pull the ladies this Halloween?  Grab this costume now, before Meals blows another call and everyone is wearing them..wait…shit.  It might be too late….

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Go ahead buy the costume anyway….Jerry Meals Said It’s Safe.

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