Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine: Pittsburgh Pirates' Prospects

Hooray! It’s here!

The Rumbunter Podcast
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The Rumbunter Podcast (Vol. 1 Ep.9)


This week, your host, Cocktailsfor2 (with plenty of assistance from MVP Adam Peindl ) ruminates on the World Series, announces a Rumbunter Contest, and has some SERIOUS  (and some not-so-serious ) talk about the Pirates – both the Big Team and players throughout the system –  and cats with the affable and erudite Tim Williams from the very fine


You can download Episode 9, as well as Episodes 1 thru 8 at the above link.

It’s free. How can you beat that?


Reminder: The first person to CORRECTLY answer the question (in the comments section of this post) posed in this episode will win some SWEET, SWEET Pirates’ swag!



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