Lifehouse brings smoke and mirrors to PNC Park.

Lifehouse in Concert at PNC Park and Other Pirates Promo Schedule Thoughts

The Pittsburgh Pirates get a ton of grief about their promotion schedule. It’s a bobblehead-and-fireworks kind of town. Everyone seems to get all pissed off about people coming for the band or fireworks only.  Whatever.


Free Shirt Fridays are cool. Other than that, we think it’s basically a joke. We will jump back on this topic one day in the future. But the reality is that someday soon, the team on the field will be improved – and if the Bucs marketing team wants to do a few bobbleheads, it won’t be such a touchy subject for the brass.

How bad are the Pirates that one of the first things we do is look for the bobblehead player and date? This year the lone bobblehead is Joel Hanrahan on our birthday, May 12.


Sometime we wonder:  do the Bucs worry about having bobbleheads or a few certain player focused giveaways because it heightens the value of the player?  If the Bucs pimp a player too strong, does the agent try to bust some balls for some more cash?

Or, maybe, the Pirates are simply worried about the fan backlash if a player is traded, and that player is due for a bobblehead giveaway or a poster.  It’s utter madness. Every franchise needs a face. We still aren’t sure how the Bucs will go about this moving forward, but we certainly are glad we’re not the VP of Marketing.  Big Lou has a difficult job in this regard.  Our hat is off to him and his team – we don’t think we could do it.  It seems like too much of a puzzle.

Looking over the 2012 schedule, we saw several items that we are looking forward to photoshopping for your viewing pleasure. After a quick glance, it seems like the band Lifehouse might give us a few really good laughs.

Lifehouse had an album entitled Smoke and Mirrors. Oh, God, that is going to be great photoshopping next year. The band also has some interesting songs that will certainly have teenage girls melting at PNC.

Some of the Lifehouse song titles are perfect for the Bucs. Just look at these two:

All In.  We heard that phrase from Clint Hurdle.  Maybe the skipper will jump on stage with the guys from L.A. ?

Broken.  Some say losing for 19 years means the Pittsburgh Pirates are broken.  The lyrics go like this …still waiting, still have my doubts 

Whether you like the band or not, we have to think we can get you to smile a little bit next year when they roll into town on September 29…no matter what the Bucs record is by then.


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