Gerrit Cole was noted as having possible red flags in his delivery in an August report by Kyle Boddy

Any Updates on the Red Flags for Gerrit Cole?


We saw this scientific report on Gerrit Cole in Hardball Times back in August. But I haven’t really looked at his new mechanics since he has pitched with the Pirates in the Arizona Fall League.


What I am curious about is if anyone has noticed any changes in his mechanics since he has been with the Bucs? It would be great to see Kyle Boddy do a follow up on this interesting report if there is new video that he could use.

Here is an update regarding Gerrit Cole who Bernie Pleskoff says is built like a tight end, and calls him a bulldog.

He owns the mound, he will scuffle a little…. once he settles in. He will have to use his secondary pitches.  Pleskoff

The arguments surround Cole and his two breaking pitches.


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