Pirates Turn To Planking

The Pirates have been planking on their recent Pirates Caravan trip

Over the last 19 years, the Pittsburgh Pirates have been trailing behind the rest of the baseball world. Well, this offseason, they decided to display how they can trail behind in another way.

New Pirates have been jumping on Twitter like they’re getting paid for it the last couple days. James McDonald (@Jamez53), Brad Lincoln (@BradLincoln32), and Andrew McCutchen (@theCUTCH22), have joined the crew and have been tweeting up a storm since Pirates Caravan has started.

J-Mac seems to have a thing for planking, and he’s been sharing it with his teammates. Here are some more pictures:

Planking was a big hit a few months ago, but has since died down in favor of Tebowing (or just standing up straight). However, the Pittsburgh Pirates have never been afraid to bring up the rear. At least it shows some personality, right?

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