The new RumBunter billboard supposedly somewhere in LA

New Contest: Who Is The Next RumBunter Podcast Guest?

Somehow the RumBunter Podcast is growing. As in, more and more people are listening each week.  We were hoping it would have died by now, because it’s rather tiring listening to all of the swearing from Cocktails. (ETA by Cocktailsfor2: What the fu…? Oh. Never mind.)

But screw it – you guys love it, so we confirmed our next guest.  And for some reason we want to pimp it and give you guys a chance to win a Pirates Prospects 2012 Guide – the BEST guide on the planet.

Here is the (first and hopefully only?) clue you will need:

Yeh that's all you get

List your guesses on who the next guest will be below.  We will use the timeline below as a pseudo and replacement level judge–Nutting would be proud.

As we said, the winner will get a Pirates Prospects Guide.  First come, first served.

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