Ahhh....the 90's

So You Don't Like the Pittsburgh Pirates Concert Series Lineup?

Some people must have bought Boyz II Men CD’s back in the 90’s.   Not many people admit spending that cash now, but irregardless we bet PNC Park is sold out for their concert on June 9.

Don’t roll your eyes.  The Pirates press release says they were dubbed ‘Billboard’s most successful group of the 90’s.’   Some of you voiced your displeasure yesterday and we could hear the ‘Freebird!’ cries in the background. 

But what if you were a Detroit Pistons fan?   They just booked Robert Matthew Van Winkle for a halftime performance, the man that had hip-hop’s first Billboard number one.  You know, Vanilla Ice. 

The Pistons are having full-blown theme nights, as they will be passing out what every Pistons fans loves–a Ben Gordon poster?   

Maybe the Bucs could pass out a Barry Bonds  Jason Kendall   Jay Bell poster?

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