Is AJ Burnett Coming to Pittsburgh?

AJ Burnett is turning a bit Tebow-esque, isn’t it.

The latest tweets still say the Pirates are in the driver’s seat picking up between $10 to $15 million of Burnett’s deal.  The Yankees also were talking with the Angels, but that is one of the teams on Burnett’s no-trade clause.

But one tweet from Ken Rosenthal could show the reasoning behind the delay: Interestingly, some #Yankees people oppose trading Burnett, believing team could get more at deadline.

Buckle up, it may be a bluff, it might be the Bucs getting bullish about what they want to send to the Yankees. This deal just doesn’t have a good vibe at the moment. The Pirates are desperate for a starter and we seemingly thought the Yankees were desperate to unload the Burnett salary and get on with their roster construction as the start of spring training looms.

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