Andrew McCutchen Video Overload: Glove Tricks, Wiffleball, Walk Up Music

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   Cutch is one of nine MLB stars to appear in the new Opening Day commercial. Within the spot, McCutchen reveals his prediction for the 2012 season which of course is the fact he “will take away center field.”  You’ve probably checked that one out.  But thanks to Tyler we have we have a few other Cutch clips for you.

McCutchen shows us the three glove tricks he is working on this year.

Andrew McCutchen is asked about playing wiffle ball when he was a kid. You will never get this one minute and seven seconds of your life back. We warned you.

Here is Cutch talking about his first walk up song. He also talks about Dubstep music being the recognized music and drops it as a hint.

In case we were wrong and you missed the opening day video:

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