Matt Hague hit his seventh homerun of spring training

Pittsburgh Pirates Champ of Camp Matt Hague.

It was almost as if Clint Hurdle challenged Matt Hague one last time. Alright big boy, if you are on the 25-man you will have to come off the bench late in games and produce…..

So in the ninth inning with the Pirates holding a one-run lead thanks to a Nate McLouth homer, up stepped Matt Hague. A short time later, John Wehner and Tim Neverett was giving the radio call for Hague’s seventh home of the spring. The shot snapped Blue Jays reliever Jim Hoey’s neck.

Hague has done all he can possibly do.  The Pirates bench player will not be one with proven big league abilities–it will go to Matt Hague.  Some call him the hit collector.  It’s a great story. Let’s trust we the ending doesn’t come anytime soon.

Hat tips to whygavs and 3rdBoss

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