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From Justin Bieber to Tom Brady, Five New Hair Concepts for Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is a hair thief

Bryce Harper does a lot of things very well. He has all the tools.

Well except one.  His hair.

Maybe he was due for a cut when he got the call?  But he’s superstitious.  His hideous raccoon cap has provided him with knock after knock as a big leaguer, including another double last night against A.J. Burnett, so we doubt a cut is coming anytime soon.

But just in case Erik Bedard sends him into a slump at PNC Park tonight, we wanted to see what a new look might ‘do’ for him.

The Snoop?

The Bieber?

Bieber and Mayweather by

The Brady?

Bryce Harper with the new Tom Brady 'do?

The Grandma next door?

Bryce Harper. Washington Nationals. You like this 'do?

The Coolio?

Bryce Harper as Coolio/Weird Al

Why in the hell did we think we could help Harper? Let’s just call it what it is…

Bryce Harper Hair Thief

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