Astros Fans Become C'Astros to Mock Guillen

Watch out PNC Park.  Some bad guys might be headed to town to heckle Clint Hurdle.  These aren’t just any ordinary Houston Astros fans, these are the C’Astros and they look dangerous.

Hilariously dangerous.

Of course, the Houston Astros aren’t supposed to be very good this year, so we aren’t sure the fan base is going to turn into baseball’s version of the Grateful Dead.  But even if the C’Astros dont transform themselves into another creative way to heckle the Pirates at PNC Park, it’s pretty damn funny what they did this week.

About a month ago Ozzie Guillen made big news by announcing his boner for Fidel Castro.  Unless you just got out on parole, you heard all about it.

Check out the C’Astros antics below.  At the very least Pirates fans have some inspiration for later this season.

Click here to watch the brief shot of the C’Astros on tv.


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