The Pittsburgh Pirates desperately need to break out of their hitting slump.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Need a #SlumpBuster

It’s reached the point that in my Pirates fanhood that I will take anything.  Just a whiff.  A nibble.  Anything that resembles getting to first base, second base, and of course ultimately going all the way and getting home.

The Pirates offense is redefining Major League Baseball statistics.  The current Pirates roster is on pace to score the fewest runs in history of the 162-game schedule.    We thought it would be bad, hell we knew it would bad.

But we never dreamt it would be this bad.

Just when you thought it was impossible to do so, the Pittsburgh Pirates have found new ways to completly mindfuck us.

But tonight against J.A. Happ, well…..I’m expecting a #slumpbuster.  Whatever it takes to score a few runs, I am game.  Small ball or  Big ball.  Wild pitches or meatballs.

I’m desperate and I need a #slumpbuster

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