Video: Pittsburgh Pirates Latin Scouting Director, Rene Gayo at Miguel Sano's House

The Director of Latin American Scouting for the Pittsburgh Pirates is named Rene Gayo.  He has done great work getting players to America.   The job isn’t an easy one.

But there is no question that Gayo is the villain in the movie BALLPLAYER  -which opens Friday.  You’ve probably heard all about it; the movie is being produced by Bobby Valentine of the Boston Red Sox.

One of the important scenes from the movie is available now on Vimeo.  It sounds, and looks, like Gayo is pretty hot as he visits the house of Miguel Sano.

It also sounds like he did a number of solid things for Sano.  Unfortunately, Sano’s family didn’t think so.

Hence, the movie premiere on Friday.  I can’t wait to see it.


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