Pittsburgh Pirates Tony Sanchez Slump Continues: Tweets He Couldn't Hit Beach Ball With Tennis Racket

The Pittsburgh Pirates drafted Tony Sanchez with their first pick in 2009.  The catcher out of Boston College was the fourth overall pick.  Currently Sanchez is at Triple-A Indianapolis and is mired in a slump.  We are hear to tell you that he has a few things going well for him.  Number one–the guy is honest.  Number two–the guy can tweet his ass off.

We think that the self deprecation by Sanchez is good stuff.  The guy exudes confidence.  Don’t believe me?  Go to spring training and watch him.

So he’s a great tweeter, not such a great hitter right now.  The stud catcher who once caught for like 36 straight hours or something has three hits in his past 32 at bats.  Three.

The 6 foot catcher with thumbs of gold  is 0-for-his-last 13.  But his Indianapolis pitchers keep getting it done.  The team has 70 wins now.  Seven-zero.

Yeh, it might really be time for a slump buster.  A real slump buster.  Not just a tee shirt like he wore to break out like he did last time in order to put up those six bombs he has on the year.  As Sanchez has said in the past, it’s time to hit like a man.

No matter how big she is.

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