What if Captain Karl, @DadBoner, were a Pittsburgh Pirates fan?

What If Karl Welzein AKA @DadBoner Were A Pittsburgh Pirates Fan?


Surely you have read @DadBoner on twitter.  The misadventures of Karl Welzein.

If you don’t know the @DadBoner account, Karl is a guy that is like any of us.  Well, most of us anyway.   He just lives in Michigan.  He loves America, getting really drunk, and listening to classsic rock.

He recaps his adventures on Sunday afternoons.  The man behind it seems like a literary genius.

After enduring one of our worst nights at PNC Park in history last night, we got to thinking on the long ride home,  what if @DadBoner was a Pittsburgh Pirates fan?  We wondered what his twitter timeline would have looked like last night.

We put a few thoughts together, but it was done quickly…don’t judge us.  We know you have some better ones, go ahead and share them with us in the comments you guys.

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