Does The Leadership of the Pittsburgh Pirates Understand What's Going On ?

We heard players talking about it during the All-Star Break. Steve Blass talked about it during coverage of the Bucs loss to the Milwaukee Brewers last night. (He said he had a big bruise on his shoulder from this event.) The Pittsburgh Pirates Charities does great work, but really….really?

I like what the players mentioned off the record, “we just wanted to get it over with.”  If you think for one moment

It’s hard to fathom how Frank Coonelly, Neal Huntington, or maybe more so, Clint Hurdle let’s this happen.  What’s next for #PiratesCharities having A.J. Burnett ride to his next start?

Pirates pitcher A.J. Burnett hops on Parrots bike


Things.  Have.  Changed.

This article by Dejan will blow you away.


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