Like the Fans Have, It's Time for the Pittsburgh Pirates To Embrace the Wooooo!

Remember when Deion Sanders sparked the Tomahawk Chop tune for the Atlanta Braves back in 1991?  Yeh, me either.  But anyway, it’s still around today.  And it’s still as annoying as it is painful to hear.

Fan support is a great thing.  The great thing about support from fans is when it can get all of the fans together.  The Tomahawk Chop took off like wild fire.

Another sound has been coming out of PNC Park this week.  You’ve heard about it.  We touched on it in this post earlier today.    This video captured it the other night when the Astros were at PNC Park and the Wooooo! baffled Pirates announcer Bob Walk.

It can be annoying.  It’s loud.  It’s fun.  It might not last, but annoying, loud, and fun are important as the Pirates race toward breaking the streak and a possible postseason berth.

The Tomahawk Chop is a great example, but maybe something more simple would be just as fun.

When it comes to moving quickly as a professional sports organization, how the Philadelphia Flyers marketed a scenario this past Spring is pretty tough to beat.  We think it could also apply to the Pittsburgh Pirates efforts to generate some excitement at PNC Park for the thousands of fans ready to fill up the yard.

We take you back to the April 1 matchup against the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins.


If you recall Cy Clark got Scotty Hartnell all pissed off, just look at the chick laughing at Hartnell, hilarious.

When the playoffs returned to Philly for Game 3, the Flyers had a surprise for their fans.

The Flyers handed out T-shirts to their fans with Scott Hartnell’s hand up to his ear, with the phrase “WHATCHYA GONNA DO?”

As much as I hate to admit it, it was a smart move by the Flyers.

But a cheap t-shirt wasn’t the only thing they had up their sleeves.  Oh, no.  The Flyers don’t stop with a stupid Free Shirt Friday type incentive for their fans.  A little something special was in order, and oh brother was it ever special when the video scoreboard operator hit play on this….THIS….

What if the Pirates did something smart?  Something fun?  How about busting out a video ala the Flyers did with the Hulkster?

Ric Flair:  Heh, Pittsburgh Pirates fans…….

PNC Park:  WOOOO!   (repeat) (all night)

God, that would be great.  Remember how the damn Tomahawk chop drove you nuts when the Pirates were contenders?  What was the countermove by the Buccos back then?

I tell you, what I think…there wasn’t one.  [UPDATE:  like usual I was wrong @laclips said the Pirates countered with a foam hook] We have Let’s Go Bucs, but that’s not quite the same.

What will it be this year?  A silent Zoltan hand sign?  Nah, that’s kinda cool, but not nearly annoying enough.  That’s for the players, and the fans occassionally.


Now that’s annyoying.  Now I just wonder if someone can flash enough cash in front of Flair to get him to cut a video?   I would guess he loves the Atlanta Braves.

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