Caption Contest: Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day Memory Lane

Opening Day at PNC Park is a special day each year.  2012 was a picture perfect day for baseball. There is nothing quite like watching the Pittsburgh Pirates and snapping pictures like the true Stan Savarn stalker that I am.  It’s a surefire way to get some, ‘damn you’re disturbed’ looks from a hundred guys with bladders full of hot Iron.  (or Labatt Blue if that guy beside Stan is Canadien or something, he sorta looks like it.)

So, we beg of you, provide us with a hilarious caption for our exculsive photo.

We will be giving away the new Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects Guides that are created each year by Tim Williams and the team at Pirates Prospects.

Leave your caption entry below, if the esteemed panel selects your caption, we will do a post using the caption, and asking you to contact us at…. myrumbunter at gmail with the best address for us to send your shiny new book.

Ready, set, go.

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  • Nate Doggs


  • Sean Quinn

    “I am a TV star. DO NOT look down and left. DO NOT look down and left.”

  • rodney pelles

    “That Iron City Beer feels just as good going out as it did going in.”

  • Nate Wilder

    Looks to me like Stan the Man is far-sided.

  • Stargell_Stars

    Damn, I love peeing on pictures of Marty Brennaman, it just NEVER gets old!!

  • Tdsheaffer

    ‘I CANNOT believe ROOT was too cheap to spring for the Executive Washroom access this season…’

  • Marren Worris

    “Savran on Sportsmeat”

    • Nate Doggs

      we have a winner!!!