Caption Contest: Countdown to Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day

Another caption contest for everyone.  The winner will receive a Pirates Prospects Guide.  Please leave your comments in the section below or tweet them to us with #RumBunterContest if that’s easier for you.  We know it’s all about you guys.

So the scene for the picture below is from the opener last season at PNC Park.




FYI.  The Pirates logo contest winners are up.  We will announce the winners to the last caption contest as soon as we get the final vote from the panel.

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  • Jason Statler

    So, whatever happened to that Grilli guy?

    • rumbunter


  • Stargell_Stars

    Dude, have you seen the pics of your wife on the internet with her wearing only a Bucs jersey?? Here, let me show you……….

  • Marren Worris

    $175 million? Go jump in the Youghiogheny.

  • soleiange buxton

    somewhere outside Three River Stadium, Sept 1991:

    Morandini (Phillies) : Man you guys are good! With this squad you’ll probably

    contend for the next 5-10 years!
    Patterson (Pirates) : At least bro! probably 20 or more!

    Morandini : What is that your holding there?

    Patterson : Its called a cellular phone… awesome, I can use it almost anywhere

    Morandini: How much does something like that run?

    Patterson: That’s the cool thing …it was only five thousand dollars!