Campbell Sproul Signs With RumBunter


The major news announcement of the day from Team RumBunter is that Campbell Sproul has joined the club.

Sproul is currently a student living in Florida surrounded by baseball.  He is an active player of the sport we all love which is an important element he adds to his writing.  There’s nothing like reading the writings of a man that has spent much of his life between the lines.  It’s also a bonus that he is a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates like the rest of us idiots.

We know that you will find Sproul’s writing both informative and fun.  The first post will be up shortly and it might open your eyes to something that is becoming a hotter topic as Spring Training heads toward a close with big question marks in the Pirates rotation.  We are lucky to have Campbell on the team, of course you can find him, and should give him a follow on Twitter



Tags: Pittsburgh Pirates

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