Because We Can't Write A Better Pirates - Phillies Recap We Defer To TBOH

Sometimes, it’s best to step aside and let someone else do the talking, even if it’s the enemy.  Justin Klugh is a guy we can’t stand because he loves the Philadelphia Phillies.  Probably not his fault, but whatever.  The guy can write a demoralizing recap like nobody in the business.  Nobody can touch Justin after a game like that last night.

God, this is awesome.

Great title? Check.

‘Operation: Demoralizing Loss’ is Huge Success, Phils Shut Out 2-0

Great content? Check.

 As the team was trotting off the field having not scored despite a lead off triple, there was a special moment in which everyone realized the Phillies would never score another run again

Click this link to Justin’s work.  You will not be disappointed.

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