Pittsburgh Pirates baseball betting

It might seem a little strange to be even talking about which sides could win the American and National Leagues, or the World Series, in next season’s MLB – as this season has barely finished. However, with around six months to go before the new season begins, it is already the time to think about outright bets on these issues. Given that it is already hard to bet accurately on sports, choosing a side before the season even starts makes it even tougher, as it is impossible to evaluate fitness and/or form, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are quite highly rated by bookmakers at the moment.

In the absence of other evidence, the pre-season odds at the bookies become more important in determining possible bets, and at 11/1 for the National League, this could make Pittsburgh a popular choice. These odds see them just outside the hot favorites, but still very clearly within the sphere of serious contenders – all factors that will attract more than one punter to put his money on them. Gambling on them to win the World Series, at 25/1 could also be just the sort of strong outsider pick that can earn you a tidy sum if it pays off, just like you can hope to get if you play a baseball slot game at http://www.gamingclub.com/au.

This is because slot games always tend to provide the player with a better chance at a cash payout than most other types of gambling – thanks to them having numerous pay lines and wild and scatter icons on the reels to improve the odds on this. A baseball themed slot like Hot Shot is no different in this sense, but alongside this and the jackpot ($2000), it also offers a unique baseball twist on the formula. Here that twist includes catchers’ mitts, hitters and pitchers on the reels, a baseball field backdrop and sounds of the fans in the crowd accompanying each spin of the reels.

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