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Speed kills and the Cincinnati Reds have it in Billy Hamilton.  The Reds are saying all the right things about their speedster.  In the article linked below from the Enquirer, there is plenty of talk about makeup.  No, Hamilton isn’t a drag queen, it’s those intangibles people talk about when a player can’t hit consistently…you know, character, competitiveness and coachability.

A lot of c words there, huh?

But the Reds have done some magic with him.  They made him a switch hitter.  They made him a center fielder.

One thing I like from the article is that Hamilton doesn’t leave the dugout after the fifth inning.  He hangs out with special instructor Eric Davis.


I dislike most everything about Chris Carpenter.


I find this fascinating.  We should have a twitter sequencing night.  Predict the next pitch.  It would be pretty cool.

Baseball Prospectus

The language of the Clubhouse made me laugh.

Hardball Times


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