Contributing Editor

Executive Producer / Co-host, Rumbunter Podcast

The ‘voice of RumBunter’ (via Chicago) has taken Rumbunter Media Enterprises™ by storm. His offbeat interviewing style and unique (and NSFW) take on topics surrounding the Bucs have been a big hit with Pirate fans, and recently very nearly caused Pirates’ GM  Neal Huntington to shoot water out of his nose.

Cocktailsfor2 lives eleven Red Line “L” stops north of Wrigley Field with the lovely and ever-patient (regarding his well-known man-crush on José Tabata)  Mrs. Cocktailsfor2, and a bitchy yappy  moody delightful old cat that never shuts the hell up. [No, seriously - this cat  Never.Shuts.The.Fuck.Up.Ever.]  Follow him on twitter >>@cocktailsfor2. Or don’t. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass. No, he really does. You should follow him. Please follow him. Please.


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