From Wiz Khalifa To James Harrison: 10 Reasons Why Baltimore Sucks And Pittsburgh Rocks


Wiz Khalifa is one of the hottest artists in the country

, the Charm City Devils aren’t.  Michael Oher tweets during a game while James Harrison sacks quarterbacks, there are many reasons why Pittsburgh rocks and Baltimore  blows.

We settled at ten.  In fact, there is only one thing  I love about Baltimore, the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers are in their town to take control of the AFC North.

1.  The Charm City Devils are the number one reason Baltimore blows.  Get your own song.


Like this one from Wiz Khalifa, the Hottest Breakthrough MC in 2010:


2.  Joe Flacco blows for introducing that video.  Screw your best passer rating since week five Flacco.  Screw your 13 TD and 2 INT hot streak;  Ben Roethlisberger owns Baltimore with five straight wins.  Ben is playing with a broken foot and a bionic boot tonight.  Word is he is going to take a shot to numb the pain just to get on the field.  Ben has two Super Bowl rings, what do you have Joe?

3.  Flacco seriously said he is going to keep an eye on Troy Polamalus hair?    Apparently those Head and Shoulders commercials have paid off.

"We definently have plays that depend on reading the hair of Troy Polamalu.—-Baltimore QB  Joe Flacco (as reported by Sal Palantonio)"

4. Grown men should not wear purple.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but grown men wear black.  Everyone knows that.

5.  When the Ravens beat writer needs to call for a purple out and then asks Ravens fans to contact The Baltimore Sun if they are selling tickets for the game tonight, well…. we have to question your fanhood.  Or the writers sanity?  Sorry to tell you Ravens fans, but Pittsburgh writers don’t make up inflated attendance figures by the opposition.

Clipped from: (share this clip)

6.  As we cruised the streets of Baltimore tonight, there are signs downtown  that say ‘Hegh Big Ben, No Means No in Baltimore!’   Ahh, it’s nice to see what a great education the Charm City provides, stay classy Baltimore. We aren’t going to talk about your Super Bowl MVP beating a rap.  (Or those scary ass Old Spice commercials.)

7.  The Ravens offensive lineman/Hollywood star Michael Oher got fined for tweeting during a game.  Meanwhile Pittsburgh Steelers LB James Harrison was throwing around Buffalo Bills like rock salt. 

8.  It’s time for yours.  Fill in your comment below and we will make you famous.  Wow.  It’s 3am and I have some drinking to do.  Let’s wrap this up.

9.  Baltimore girls?  Pittsburgh girls?  We better go online to see what we can find…..heh, wow….come on Ravens chick, you gotta do those nappy roots too.

10.  Remember last season when the Ravens didn’t want to play in prime time? WTF?

"The Ravens have “asked not to be considered for a prime-time game at Heinz Field this season when they submitted their scheduling requests to the league,”  Jamison Hensley, Baltimore Sun  2009"

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Next post will be photos of the game unless the Pirates do one of three things:  sign Manny/extend Cutch/fire Hurdle