Pittsburgh Pirates: White Sox Could Use Adam Frazier

The Pittsburgh Pirates currently have a valuable trade chip in Adam Frazier. The Chicago White Sox could look to target him in a trade.

With Nick Madrigal being placed on the 60 day Injured List, the Chicago White Sox could look to swing a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates sooner rather than later. Currently, the White Sox have little middle infield depth. Their backup is Danny Mendick or if they move Yoan Moncada back to second, they would have to play Jack Lamb at third base.  This opens up a need for a second baseman.

That’s where the Pittsburgh Pirates fit.  After Ben Cherington decided to hold on to second baseman Adam Frazier this offseason, all he has done is hit.  He is tied for the Major League in hits and hasn’t struck out at a high rate.  Currently, the White Sox have the second best offense in the sport, but that could improve with Frazier.  Jim Bowden of The Athletic pointed these two clubs fit as well:

With the New York Yankees needing a left-handed hitting middle infielder, this helps the Pirates.  With more teams looking to buy, Cherington and the front office can ask for more in return.  With the White Sox competing with the Yankees in the playoffs, the price could be further driven up as one team won’t want the other to get Frazier.

With the White Sox window of contention being right now, they do have some further away pieces that could be attractive.  Outfielder Benyamin Bailey and shortstop Jose Rodriguez and players that are further away (and rank seventh and eighth respectively on FanGraphs) that could be of interest.  The Pirates need to add power, which Bailey has, while Rodriguez is a younger middle infielder, something that Cherington has acquired.

The White Sox have other intriguing players in the farm system and with the injury to Madrigal could be looking to Adam Frazier as a replacement.  He has another year of club control and is having a really solid season.  While the Yankees make sense, the White Sox also now fit and Frazier’s trade stock the rest of the summer will be something to watch.