Veal is 2-0 with a 3.60ERA this spring.

It's Not Early

When your ballclub is trying to snap a skid like the Pittsburgh Pirates are on, I don’t care to hear any excuses whatsoever.  None. Zip. Zero.

I stare at ”Live” boxscores wondering who in the world walked, who drove in that run, did he get picked off and caught stealing?

I go to spring training and fill up a memory card with 1200 pictures.  Ian Snell thought I was with TMZ for God sakes.

Then I study the pictures looking for those players that will help my beloved Pirates turn it around. 

I love baseball.  Always have. 

I tried to stay away from PNC Park.  Tried to stay away from the game I spent hours playing growing up.  I just can’t stay away.  And I want this skid to end.  Right now.

I would love for nothing more than the Pirates to win the Grapefruit League.  Well, maybe a few things would bump that wish from my list, but not many would.

Enough, enough, we must move on…So I focus on the pitching for the game today.  One game closer to Spring Training ending, one game closer to a winning season.

 Today on the hill against the Blue Jays will be Paul MaholmJeff Karstens (who I thought wass originally scheduled to start?), Matt Capps, Donnie Veal, Evan Meek and Juan Mateo.  Karstens has only thrown 4.2 innings in relief and has given up seven hits, ERA is 5.79.  I look for a good outing today from him.

Capps has been providing his usual solid performance he has not been scored upon this spring.

The ballclub will be watching DV closely today as I was when I took this picture in spring training.  I think he will bounce back.  It will be a big sigh of relief.  Bahahahha. 

Meek and Mateo are question marks for me.  I absolutely love watching Meeks movement on his pitches. He hasn’t been touched this spring, has three saves, and four K’s.  However, I haven’t seem him early enough to get a solid read.  I would like to see him pitch earlier in the game. 

Mateo was rocked against the Sox.  I just don’t see the confidence in Mateo.  Yet he does have five K’s. 

All in all some bright spots in the Pirates pitching for certain this year, just so many question marks.  And there are so many people telling us it’s early.  REALLY???  I did not know that.  You must be kidding me.  It’s early.  Get away from me.  It’s early.

Lately I also hear well…. They are working on sliders.   They are working inside.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  One can never be certain, but my gut tells me that there is hope.  Just keep working, it’s going to happen.

20 game winner Roy Halladay will start for Toronto.  He has been near perfect.  Funny how nobody says it’s early when talking about Roy.  He hasn’t given up a run while striking out six batters.  Let’s see if we can’t dent that ERA today.

But of course, if we don’t…don’t even say it.

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