The Seven Month Love Affair Begins-It's the Home Opener for the Pittsburgh Pirates!


Wake up and ponder the seven month love affair that is ‘officially’ about to begin.  God this one looks like a real heartbreaker already.

Send countless emails to ensure everyone makes it on time

Jump on the bus with friends who treat opening day like their 21st birthday and New Years eve wrapped up into one.

Make sure Nick has the tickets.

Put my wad of cash in safe spot. The ATM lines are long. Cash is the best way to get the cheapest beer in all of Major League baseball

Take a deep breath.  Smell it.  Ahhhhh….Opening Day.  

Stop and get picture taken by Forbes Field Wall.

Count the mullets.

Count the poor fans that are so distraught over losing for 16 straight seasons they drink themselves silly.  Over/Under set at 75.  (15 on our bus)

Enter the best park in America.

Give cash for the Fallen Heroes.  We have to beat $100,000 the Pens fans, 84 Lumber and Nemacolin Resort contributed.

Keep the magnetic schedule away from all credit cards.

Buy peanuts, Cracker Jack, and cotton candy

Give Mom a call and thank her for taking me to the Pirates opener so many years ago and getting me hooked on this amazing game.

Watch batting practice

12:55 Cheer for Nate McLouth as he receives his Gold Glove Award.

1:00pm Tell the youngsters in the group about Steve Blass (ah…I don’t remember him, but I do know a few things about Blass…) as he throws out the first pitch to his catcher Manny Sanguillen.

Buy a hot dog.

Catch a foul ball?

Cheer for the three four five of the Pirates batting order. McLouth 143; Doumit 208; Big LaRoche136

Buy more Cracker Jack

Cheer the racing sausages or Pieroges, whatever, still funny.

Celebrate Pirates victory.

Tip Bus Driver and thank him for a glorius day.


The greatest weekly column in all of media.  The upcoming promotions in minor league baseball.   Desperate Househusband Night might take the cake, but I can’t ruin them all….

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the Pirates Front Office Did this for the fans who have witnessed so many years of pain? 

Premier Night
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Hollywood, Calif., couldn’t be any more dissimilar, at least on a normal night. Thursday will be anything but normal, however, as the Kernels stage a star-studded Opening Night extravaganza that rivals the best out of Tinseltown. Front-office staff and ushers will be dressed in formal attire, limousines will be on hand to chauffeur fans from the parking lot to the main gate and local media will be conducting interviews on a red carpet outside the stadium. Additionally, the concourse will be decorated with movie memorabilia, and all music and video clips will be movie-themed. Unlike the real Hollywood, however, the evening will be free of plastic surgery and paparazzi.

On a serious note:

The Pirates will host a special pre-game moment of silence in honor of Officer Eric G. Kelly, officer Paul J. Sciullo II and Officer Stephen J. Mayhle. 

Pirates will wear Pittsburgh Bureau of Police (PBP) hats and a commemorative PBP patch on the left sleeve of their uniforms.

The Astros will wear PBP caps during the pre game introductions.

The commemorative caps and jerseys will then be auctioned off on with all proceeds to go to the Fallen Heroes Fund.


The Pirates pitching staff is number five in the league.  The Major Leagues.

The Indianapolis pitching staff leads the International League in strikeouts.

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