A Win is a Win and Bucs Win 3-0

The Pirates defeated the Braves 3-0 and nothing was pretty about it. The Pirates kicked it around, ran into one another, had some errant throws, a balk, a few walks and Paul Maholm beaned a couple to which he said after the game, “I told him I pitch slow enough that you need to get out of the way.”

Maholm was sharp when he needed to be and the defense was likewise getting him out of a few jams.

Once it got to John Grabow and Matt Capps, well it was over as our insane record shows when we have a lead. Grabow kept it interesting and allowed two base runners.

Nate McLouth welcomed the return of Mike Gonzalez with a two run blast that provided the cushion.

Chum Bucket
No wonder the Braves were talking about outfielders with the Bucs. How bad do they need a CF?

Andy Phillips is out of here. Traded for a White Sox pitching prospect, Michael Dubee who had 4.37 ERA last year, with some solid ratios (7.86 K/9, 2.43 K/BB, 1.05 HR/9).  Anytime the ballclub club can get some pitching, I am all for it.  Dubee isnt on this list. Not a surprise

Delwyn Young said, ” There are a lot of good players over there, and there’s a road block every which way you look, You come over here, and you have opportunity everywhere you look. So, it’s a good thing to come over here and be a part of that.” –Delwyn Young 4.17.09 Post-Gazette Love it, he is bigger than I thought.  DY popped in his first Pirates pinch-hit at bat.

Pedro Alvarez had three more walks last night.

What is happening with Jack Wilson?

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