Gorzo a Starter Without a Spot

Well, Tom Gorzelanny is still with the Pirates.  It’s been a while hasn’t it?  NH said when he called Gorzo up that ‘Tom was our only option.’  We have to wonder if he isn’t being used to motivate the starting staff.  Especially Ian Snell and Jeff Karstens.

NH alluded to the fact that Ian Snell isn’t going to be sent out each start to simply fail.  Interesting stuff is happening on the North Side, stay tuned Bucco fans.  We will know the transactions very shortly.

Who is coming up to replace Veal?  Chris Bootcheck would be a great option after Capps wild escapade the other night. But Steven Jackson is the inside pick.  Vazquez would be the likely choice, but come on, let’s be serious.  We grabbed Jackson for a reason, let’s see what he has.

Can we bring Cutch up yet?

Jose Tabata will be back on the diamond in a few days.  Amen.

Pedro Alvarez has jumped his average 40 points recently.  Keep it up Pedro and you will be wearing that awful Christmas uniform in Altoona.  We bet you can rock it just fine.

Four hits and a walk today.  Ugly.

The Astros pitchers threw 112 pitches.  Mike Hampton looked like his old self today.  The blast he hit to the wall (which was caught by Brandon Moss) set off the warning signs that he is truly back.  He has won something like eight straight against the Pirates.  Ugly.

Speaking of Ugly, the Wings are up 2-0.

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