Pirates Central Division 'Break Down'

The Pirates struggle against their division opponents.  That isn’t a good sign.  Especially in the National League Central.  The division sucks.  So far.


Won 6-4, John Grabow got the decision

Loss 3-9, Ian Snell before he became the star of AAA

Won 7-4, Zach Duke got the win and the All-Star buzz was on.

Loss 1-2, Ross Ohlendorf was hard luck loser



Won 10-2, Paul Maholm before the groin was tweaked

Loss 0-2, Snell was out dueled by Aaron Harang


Won 7-0, Duke had the juke

Loss 1-4, Ohlendorf with another tough loss

Loss 3-6, Sean Burnett got this decision


I hate even typing this, but three tough losses 5-10 (Tyler Yates), 5-6 (Jesse Chavez), 0-1 (Snell out dueled again)


Loss 0-4, Duke

Won 8-6, Ohlendorf had some run support

Loss 0-5, Jeff Karstens didn’t have support as Cueto was dealing


Loss 4-7, Matt Capps wasn’t real mad.

Loss 5-8, Snell.  Ugh


Loss 2-4, Duke

Loss 2-5, Ohlendorf


Won 7-1, Duke again with the division victory

Won 5-2, Ohlendorf behind the Pirates bats was sharp

Loss 1-5, Karstens with another tough one


Won 10-8, Ladies and Gentleman…Tom Gorzelanny with the victory

Loss 1-6, Snell took his fifth loss to a division opponent. Marshall with the win.

Loss 2-5, Chavez (two rough outings in the division)


Loss 1-6, Ohlendorf.  Moehler got his second win against the Bucs.

Won 7-4, Karstens

Loss 1-2, Maholm couldn’t prevail as Mike Hampton silenced the Bucs


Loss 1-9, Mike Hampton.  Again.

Won 6-4, Maholm with the victory.

Loss 4-6, Steven Jackson got the loss

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