Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson Retire in Pittsburgh? Yes Virginia, there is hope, but...

The Pirates have made another smart move.  The double play duo of Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson who are tied for most DP’s turned  in the majors with 100 have been approached about contract extensions.  It makes so much sense.  But, why now?

The clock is running on getting a deal done. 

Perhaps that favors the Bucs. 

Perhaps that favors Sanchez and Wilson.

Freddy has been saying forever that, “everyone knows I would like to finish my career as a Pittsburgh Pirate.”  Now he has the chance to prove it by signing on the line that is dotted.

It was a move that needed to be broached, but just how much are Wilson and Sanchez looking for to stay with the team?  The two have played together forever.    The Pirates have never offered a no trade clause, maybe now is the time they will do so?

Jack Wilson is playing the best defense of his life.  Sanchez is an All-Star on both sides of the plate. 

Both are 31.

Both have been nicked up this year.

Both have never been on a winning team in Pittsburgh.  So why now?

Trade offers must not have been right?  Or nobody wants Wilson and Sanchez at the current price tag?  So, is this move based on getting better contracts together and then moving them?  Theories will be plenty on this topic.

The disadvantage for the Pirates organization is they are hostage to both players due to the lack of talent that has been developed.  It’s disgusting.  Seriously, no player is ready to make the step up and fill those shoes?  This is what was wrong with the Pirates for so long.  In the short term, any other players at those key positions for a  pitch to contact staff will not look as good as them. 

I would rather not have Wilson and Sanchez for the downside of their careers.  Especially when Freddy tweaks his back getting out of a cab?  That is scary.

But from a logical point of view it makes all the sense in the world to see just how much it would cost to keep them in Black and Gold.   The timing is awful interesting to me.  It’s as if the Pirates had it all planned to add pressure to the players after no other team was willing to make a deal.

This should be a fun couple days. 

Maybe Nutting will get a bargain and the lifelong pals will be spinning double plays for the next three years with the Pirates.  I am not a fan of keeping them around, but I am certain if the price is right, Nutting will make a deal.

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