Burnett what size are you again?

Pittsburgh 'Laughingsox' Beat Natinals

The Pittsburgh Pirates were called laughingstocks by former pitcher Sean Burnett yesterday. It’s ok if you haven’t heard of Burnett.  The Pirates simply went out and displayed dazzling defense, pounded the ball all over PNC Park and 23,000+ Pirate faithful got the last laugh as the Pirates won 5-4.

Lastings Milledge was 2-4 with 2RBI in his Pirates debut.

Nyjer Morgan popped out with two men on in the ninth inning and failed to get a hit in the game.

Sean Burnett watched the game. As usual. Sean, we were thinking today and realize you haven’t been a Natinal long, so we will bring you up to date on the franchise.

Some Quick snapshots of the Natinals organization for you:

The Ground Crew struggling with the tarp so badly the fans come to the rescue.  Video here and below.



In case you would like to buy a Natinals tee shirt, we have the link for you here.


The Nats keep 0′s for the scoreboard rather than jerseys.

Now this is laughing stock-esque

Now this is laughing stock-esque

”We have to win a little more to get the fireworks operators some practice.”   Josh Bard (Nats player)Washington Post


The Nationals Lose To Fireworks.   How do you get told your not allowed to set off fireworks?   How do the fireworks get cancelled if the games go too long?  What???


Manny Acta loves Toby Keith yet it’s not playing in his vehicle.  He loves the ‘how do you like me now?’   Hmmm…. I wonder how he feels about that after his firing?



This was a really easy post, and we could have kept going including losing tickets for guests at will call, but we have had enough giggles.  So finally, well….we don’t know what to even say about this….


That guy Jeff Clement we got this week?  Yeh, he can hit…first at bat homerun tonight for AAA Indy.

Update: And in his second at bat

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  • 3rdboss

    From tonights game:
    Welcome Lastings!
    Steve Pearce is trying to win my love with his game tonight! I am still not getting to close, I dont want to be hurt like I was years ago with Al Martin. Steve I need more time.
    Blue Perogie, I am sending a clip of that hit to Mike Tomlin, expect a call to camp next week.

    • smitty

      Lastings ‘The Toolshed’ Milledge will have a new fan club called The Milledge People.
      Steve Pearce….could he win the love of 3rdBoss??
      I didn’t enjoy Doumit not hustling on the double play ball, UNACCEPTABLE. 3rd Boss we miss you around here my man.

  • Kevin David

    I nearly shed a tear reading through this post. Nice win though. I can’t believe nobody thought of The Milledge People sooner. I guess it could have been due to the fact he has had no fans in New York or Washington.

    • smitty

      Kevin–we had to do that for Hip Hop Burnett, watching Milledge was pretty special, but listening to his humility in post game interviews was even better