Burnett Was Joey Porter-esque in Nats Pirates Series

Sean Burnett called out the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sean Burnett backed it up in back-to-back performances against the Pirates.

Last night against the Pirates, Burnett faced Brandon Moss with two Pirates on in the eighth inning.  Steeeee-rikkkkkke Threeeee!

My hat is off to you Burnie.

It just sucks it took the Pirates trading Burnett to get him fired up.  He certainly had plenty of opportunity since being the Pirates number one pick. 

But nonetheless, just like Porter had done on so many occassions, Burnett backed up his ‘voice of the fan.’   Porter and the Pit Bulls won 8-4

This game hurt me.  Most all of you know my utter disgust for the Nationals.  It was personal.    Please forgive my poor content tonight.  Ok?

Andrew McCutchen went to 8-for-13 in the series after the league homerun leader for the month of August went yard once again.  He gave the Pirates a 1-0 lead with his fourth homerun this month, seventh of the season. 

Killer instinct.  We talk about it all the time.  3-0 lead.  We didn’t put the Nats away.  Bases loaded.  Twice.  No runs.  None.  Zip. Ugh.

Morton had thrown 50 pitches through three innings pitched.  Somehow fighting through five scoreless innings.  Morton has the best stuff on the staff and he showed it.  Morton bounced back strongly especially in the five pitch fifth inning. 

Adam Dunn at first base is ugly.  Dunn anywhere in the field is ugly.

The sixth inning for Morton was not good.  A high 88mph fastball to Dunn was placed in the left field bleachers and gave the Nats a 4-3 lead.

Tyler Clippard was dominant.  Three scoreless innings.  Glad we could get you turned around kid.

Steve Pearce has been unrecognizable since the callup….  Ladies and gentlemen, the envelope please…39PA’s, .294/385/529/914OPS.  Good God!  Could it be?  

Delwyn Young might have had his worst night as a Pirate.  Seven Pirate baserunners left on base.

Jeff Salazar is 1-for-16.  Why Jeff?

Jeff Karstens was not dominant.  What was it?  Two strikeouts and then five hits, a walk and four runs.  Karstens has been awful since his 12 scoreless inning stretch snapped. 

Donnie Veal in the ninth.  Two walks and then a slap on the ass from Cedeno, a pep talk from Joe Kerrigan, and the curveball came out.  Impressive stuff fella.


Brian Bixler had triple, homer, walk today.

Jose Tabata 2-for-5  tonight and hitting .385 at AAA Indy.

Jeff Clement .438  7 hits in 16AB.  Three homers.

Neil Walker is coming back.  He was 3-for-5 tonight.  On a tear.

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