If the CRUEFEST 2 Lineup Were Pittsburgh Pirates. Shout at the Devil...

For one night, Pittsburgh has an incredible lineup. It’s been a while hasn’t it? CRUEFEST 2 will strut their stuff in yet another rapidly dying summer  in Pittsburgh. Godsmack, Drowning Pool, Theory of a Deadman, Charm City Devils, and of course Motley will play their asses off on the main stage.  The Monster Energy Stage will serve as the Minors if you will with solid players Rev Theory, Cavo, 16 Second Stare and Shram.

But if the Cruefest lineup were the Pittsburgh Pirate organization, here is our take on who each of the bands compare to from the Pirates organization.

See you at The Pavillion. Bring on the peroxide pixies..

GODSMACK In 1995 after spending nearly 25 years as a drummer in more than a dozen ill-fated bands, success as a musician seemed to not be in the cards for Sully Erna. And then Godsmack happened. Fast forward ten years, 15 Top Ten singles, and ten million record sales later, and Godsmack is a force to be reckoned with for a long time.

Hell, Godmack sounds EXACTLY like our current Pittsburgh Pirates. The prophecy is upon us… So look, just a few more years of losing until we reach 25 consecutive losing seasons and we will have a dynasty on our hands.


DROWNING POOL Destined to be a force after their debut album went platinum just six weeks after its release in 2001. The band was everywhere from MTV to Wrestlemania XVIII. Then tragedy struck.

Lead singer Dave Williams was found dead on the tour bus of natural causes.  Rest in Peace Dave.

Reminded me of the great one. 21.  No band could ever match Roberto. But it was a memory. Rest in Peace Roberto Clemente.

The video is from Drowning Pool’s trip with the USO to Kuwait and Iraq and you might remember it as being used by Phillies closer Brad Lidge.


CHARM CITY DEVILS Baltimore’s new band which was signed to Nikki Sixx’s label Eleven Seven Music.

Gotta be the Pirates Andrew McCutchen.

Charm City Devils are stealing the show from many of the more veteran bands on the main stage. Hmmm, sounds familiar. CCD remind me of Kix, another great band from Maryland. The band has a fast, unique sound that stands out from others in the lineup, think ’74 Jailbreak era AC/DC and Cold Shower Kix. (Move the bar to :47 seconds for the song, it’s worth it)


REV THEORY The headliner on the Monster Energy stage, the band has been around since the 90’s but has only released a few songs. The band has a tremendous front man, Rich Luzzi who is more along the lines of Axl than Vince Neil.

Luzzi has done the entrance music for WWE superstar Randy Orton and the band has been featured all over pro wrestling (Hell Yeah video) and even in Madden 2009. With the single Far From Over hitting the charts and the bands long time tenure without hitting real big just yet, gotta be the Pirates 28 year old rookie…Garrett Freaking Jones.


CAVO Gotta be the Pirates version of Dave Parker. The Cobra is a yet to be named Hall of Fame outfielder.  Just like Cavo.  The band is Marlboro smoking hot, just like Parker.

Our cousin Brian Smith on bass gives a Living Colour groove that would get the 280Z rockin back in the 80’s. Of course their #1 hit reminds us of those championship 70’s Pirates…. coulda been the champagne, the champagne. Coulda been the cocaine, the cocaine….


THEORY OF A DEADMAN: this is the Willie Stargell of the Cruefest 2 lineup. Popular. Big hits all over the yard.  


MOTLEY has to be Pirates owner Bob Nutting.  Pirate fans that have been near Nutting swear he reeks of sulfur.  Shout at the Devil Pirates fans.

But read these lyrics closely… “Stay strong in the season of wither” and please… laugh in the horned one’s face.


The Monster Second Stage tease…


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