Pirates Need Bullpen Coach, Lose in Tenth 4-1

During our time at the ball yard two nights ago, we noticed bullpen coach Luis Dorante hitting infield.  Hmm.  Just curious why this happens after watching the Pirates bullpen lately?

We were scratching our heads knowing that the Pirates are being outscored 75-38 in the crucial eighth inning.

Don Long was intently watching the Pirates hit from behind the cage.  We didn’t see any other coaches during BP, but it just is hard to believe the best use of Dorante’s time is hitting ground balls to Brian Bixler.  I can’t buy that. (Even though Bixler certainly needs it, he actually let one go through his legs.)

Joe Kerrigan has done a good job with the starting pitching.  Paul Maholm had a strong start and allowed only one run on this night, but improving the starting pitching is a monumental, time consuming task for Kerrigan.  Surely, he could use some help right? 

How much more successful would these young arms be in the bullpen with a veteran coaching them up?  Who could do this job you ask?

 You know the answer to this question.  His name is Kent Tekulve.  His resume is better than anyone on this entire coaching staff.

Teke stats

The Pirate bullpen is rather young.  Just a few key stats from the bullpen..

Chris Bootcheck BA against .391.  Bootcheck is a first round pick.  He needs coaching.

Matt Capps BA against .335.  What in the world happened?  Capps needs coaching.

Steven Jackson had been on a roll with a 1.96ERA in his last 12 games, in the first 11 with the Bucs he had a 6.10ERA.  Jackson has good stuff, he needs coaching.

Joel Hanrahan has great stuff.  He needs coaching.

Ok, you get the point.  I am done.

Certainly, Jesse Chavez has been impressive.  He still needs coaching.

It was the same old madness last night as the Pirate bullpen tried their best to give the game away in the late innings.  Phil Dumatrait and Steven Jackson achieved the goal in the tenth inning as Ryan Howard hit a three run bomb, his 35th of the year,  to lead the Phillies to the victory.


In the ninth inning, with the Pirates trailing 1-0,  Brandon Moss tied the game up with a solo homer, well, at least we still have Brandon Moss and unfortunately, the Phillies still have Ryan Howard.  (Third Boss that was good)



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