Pittsburgh Pirate Contest: Under Armour Gear for You

Give Rumbunter your best Top Ten Five List which explains why the Pittsburgh Pirates are 35-29 at PNC Park? 

Seriously, what is it?  The smokin hot ladies like Ashlynn Brooke, Hailey Heat, and Shay Lynn appearing at Blush   or is the team thrilled with the support from cheerleaders?  

The home cookin’ at Primantis?  Eatn’Park?

Ok, I know…so what is in this for you?  Here is the answer. Give us a top ten five (we take it so easy on you) list and we will post it on Rumbunter. 

What that’s not enough? 

Ok, we will include some sweet Under Armour gear, what else would you want?

You can either email me the top five list or submit it for all to see with a comment below.  Send a picture of yourself, but only if you’re hot.

If your not hot and you  must send me your picture steal somebody else’s picture for God’s sake we don’t tolerate ugliness on this site. 

We promise we will give you cool gear as well as making you famous.  Well, sorta.

If you win, your list will be posted on September 8 by 10pm.

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  • 3rdboss

    5. Hitting At home our buccos are batting 274 away 234. Our beloved Bucs are also slugging 435 at home an only 354 on the road. Runs scored as you can imagine are 221 on the road and 292 at home. Hit better score more runs win more. Pretty standard.

    4. Pitching home our buccos have a 3.67 ERA and away 5.38. Give up more runs score less. Lose more..

    Now on to the less obvious…

    3. The Pirate Parrot is bad ass. Don’t forget The Pirate Parrot was right in the middle of MLB’s cocaine scandal of 1985 when it was revealed before a grand jury in Pittsburgh that he introduced Pirate players to a local drug dealer and had even distributed a little powder of the cocco bean plant himself. The Parrot avoided prosecution by cooperating with the FBI. In other words our mascot can kick you mascots ass!

    2. New Bucs! by my count our buccos have played 12 more home game since the All-Star break. This coinsides with the roster rehaul and the intro of the New Bucs! Folks this is a young exciting team, and while many say they don’t know how to win. With the come back wins lately, our new Buccos are showing they just might be to inexperienced to know when they are supposed to lose!

    My 1. Reason.. As is eluded to in the post on my numbers 5 though 2, they are our Buccos. Fulltime residents of The City of Champions. And we love them. We are quick to critize them when they lose and quick to praise them when they win. They are like family. When Bucco fans talk about how bad they are it is done with tounge in cheek fun, like picking on a sibling. But let an outsider say the same things and we will defend them tooth and nail. They truely are our Buccos, and even when the attendace is down, 15,000 true Buccos fan exert more energy than sell outs at most stadiums. Our Buccos feed off that energy and put on their best preformances at home for their family, their fans.


  • Mark G

    5. I”m in the house 9-1. when I”m in the burgh. Wish i lived closer

    4. Big Yellow- Look at this guy. Every night he busts a move regardless of the score. He’s in the old school 70′s jersey keeping score with binoculars on.

    3. The Great Pittsburgh Pierogy Race N’at. They see these four and know that they need to put the beat down on people for stooping to the level of the brewers to have race like this.

    3. Iron City Beer. I have a feeling they all do power hour before the game.

    2. Ken the Lemonade Man: C’mon if a guy is trying this hard to sell lemonade the pirates are going to produce.

    1. Philly- They know this city is pretty much the dumpster of PA and want to provide Pennsylvanians with quality baseball. Philly is best know for a sandwich that makes people fat and losers