PSAMP Gets Snoop Fake Pittsburgh Scoop

Snoop Dogg Fake Pittsburgh Fan, Lynchburg Hillcats, and Surfing

Tony Sanchez proved why he was a great pick in the amateur draft last night.  Sanchez hit a two-run bomb in the eighth inning to break the 2-2 with Wilmington. 

Jamie Romak had a monster game.  He was the spark plug in the sixth and the eighth innings.  His leadoff double started the eighth and he was plated when the Sanchez homer landed in the left field seats.  Romak singled to leadoff the sixth inning.  He scored later in the inning on Alex Presley’s single.

Lynchburg lives to play another one today.   Here is the box 

Here is the story from the Hillcats site.

Bryan Morris could face the biggest test of his career, although he hasn’t been announced as the starter, for the 6:05pm game. 

I find it curious why Rudy Owens couldn’t have been set up to dominate two games of the series.  

The winner of today’s game advances to the Carolina League’s Mills Cup Championship.

I will be playing in our softball championships and will miss it.  Send me some updates if you listen to the game.  Rum Bunter Nation, thanks for dropping by the site.


Leave it to PSAMP to get the Snoop Dogg Video…man that guy is good. 

PSAMP got Snoop with Mike Tomlin. 

PSAMP got footage from the show at Krobar where Snoop explains his fakeness and realness.  That Snoop Dogg is a smart dog, fooled us all.  Ahem…check it out on his site here.


The Cage Potato grabs 25 pics of that punch face, you know, sorta like the Keystone Light Bitter Beer Face look…the one that happens right before that loud thud when the fighter hits the floor.  Check em out here including Rashad Evans best zombie impersonation.


Hell, who needs the Yough River’s class V rapids when you got the bore in Gloucestershire.  If you have ever surfed you know how freaking sweet the feeling is, I need to get over and check this out.  A two mile ride?  Crazy.  Here it is

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