Freddy Sanchez: Thanks for Eliminating Pittsburgh from Your List

Freddy Sanchez spoke in the San Jose Mercury-News that he will go into free agency this winter. The Giants won’t go anywhere near his club option of $8.1 million for next season, despite Sanchez playing well for the team.  Sanchez will have season ending knee surgery next week.  Sanchez twisted his knee Tuesday against the DBacks  and had an eight game hitting streak before the injury. 

Sanchez apparently has offers just flying in from teams all throughout MLB because he has already eliminated one team from the running.  Are you curious the one place he won’t return? Where he always wanted to be of course, Pittsburgh.

“I loved it there, but there aren’t the same guys there. Everybody I came up with got traded. Once you make a decision like that, it’s hard to go back.”   Yeh, all those guys you came up with got traded.  Just tragic. 

Apparently Sanchez isn’t a fan of the New Bucs youth movement because in this March 30 PG article, Sanchez said, “That’s the goal for me to be part of this, I’ve been part of the losing. I want to be part of the winning.”  I know, I know…that was before “all the guys he came up with got traded.”

But also this quote was the deal sealer for ever seeing Sanchez in black and gold next season:  ” I think seeing Jack go made this move a lot less emotional for me to cover over here (Giants), because he was gone.”

So to all of those ”Pirates” fans dying for their Sanchez fix.  Don’t count on it.   Freddy is more into friendships (try Facebook) than championships.

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