Swab the Dump: Obama Wins Stanley Cup, Family Guy Corn Maze


Andrew McCutchen hit a five run homer (it happened somewhere in his galaxy and all of us mortals thought this was his ‘off-season.’)

Pat at WHYGAVS stresses the importance of the Pirates being different.  [Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke]

Steelers win a game on the road.  Video/Photos  [Steelers Website]

The Browns are next.  Keep hitting this site all week, these guys have a solid blog.  Now, the the Browns well…they are working on it. [DawgPoundDaily]

Bengals play inspired D in memory of Coach Zim’s wife [AFC North Blog]

You didn’t hear?  Obama won the Stanley Cup this weekend too!  [BuzzFeed]

The Best of Friends with Bonefits  [Awkard Boner]

Connors Farms in Mass. has a Family Guy Corn Maze. It is so popular his website crashed.     [Bob's Blitz-his site still works]

CASA is a great cause.  The Tailgate tonight at Heinz Field will have great company as well.  (Besides me)  Willie and Hines will be there.  So should you.  [CASA Tailgate]

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