McCutchen Slighted, Veal Effective Again


Andrew McCutchen won another Rookie of the Year Award today.  You know that.  You read it here first. 

McCutchen often writes a Biblical verse under his autograph.  The one above is from Luke 14:11.  For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

So while McCutchen stays humble, I am going to get behind the pulpit and do some exalting for him.  (Pass the offering plate)

But first I must apologize.  Please ignore the puke on my breath.  I just threw up after reading the most ignorant headline tonight.  And an equally ignorant typo that simply can’t be ignored after such a headline.  It was on the cover of the online Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  (and will surely be corrected )

Publication names Pirate McCutchen rookie of year

The more well-known American League and National League Rookie of the Year Awards, selected by the Baseball Writers’ Association of Americam will be announced Nov. 16.


My question is who writes this garbage ?

1. Obviously someone who shouldn’t have been permitted to place a story on the cover of the PG and never heard of  Baseball America before 10am Monday.  

2. Perhaps a fan of the lesser known rookies around the American league. (I know, I know I am giving them way too much credit on that one)

3. A Phillie fan who felt the stimulating word ‘Publication’ was a much better description in the headline than the more accurate headline:

Baseball Americam Names McCutchen Rookie of the Year.

4. An outsourced sweatshop worker in a country far from America.

5. Someone who has never put on an American uniform, ran a few hundred miles in American issued combat boots,  or thanked their higher power for the sheer honor of living in America.  The single greatest country ever created.  A country where we can read Baseball America whenever we damn well please.

6.  IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS PG REPORTER!  Because somewhere in the universe today, Andrew McCutchen just hit a five run grand slam.  Against the Phillies and the Yankees.

7. So when he wins another ROY award Nov 16, what will that story say?  McCutchen also won the award from two lesser known Americam publications? 

8. A Miller Lite chugging Brewer fan/member of the famed PG editorial board who is apparently too busy crafting the next open letter to the Pirates organization to actually EDIT their own newspaper.  The cover no less.

9.  An intern must have done it.  As the good book says, ‘Forgive them for they know not what they do.’  There are a great deal of typos on this very site due to those interns.

10. Steve Phillips.  He definently doesn’t know what he’s doing.

January can’t come fast enough.  I desperately need to have some real Pirates news.  Quickly.


Donnie Veal threw three and two-thirds innings of shutout baseball last night for the Scottsdale Scorpions.  Veal did issue his first two walks of the AFL season, but the left hander did have two more strikeouts while allowing three hits.

Veal threw 53 pitches getting 33 over for strikes while getting three ground ball outs combined with five fly ball outs.  The Scorpions Jose Tabata went 0 for 4 while Chase d’Arnaud had a double in four plate appearances and scored one of the two Scorpions runs in the 10-2 defeat.  [ScorpionsBox score]

Don’t touch Silverback.  You crazy?  He just sacked Brett Favre too hard?  So what’s new?  The last sack of the game VIDEO [Post Game Heroes]

Debunking the notion that the Steelers should have ran the ball more.  An offensive drive by drive analysis of Sunday’s game.  [Behind The Steel Curtain] 

A breakdown of the tripping call, Heath Miller’s pass interference as well  [BTSC]

Is it time to blow the whistle on the first dual meet yet?  Penn State Wrestling Coach Cael Sanderson is going to make big noise in Happy Valley.  [PSR]

Hilarious.  Steve Phillips checked into rehab and is attending his first CCA meeting… go ahead and click it to solve your curiosity.  [Pac Man Jonesin]

Curiosity killed the cat.  Andrew McCutchen killed Curiosity.

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