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Moskos Might Need Neck Surgery; Sosa Not Michael Jackson

RANDOM EX HR KING: For a moment we thought Sammy Sosa was making a guest appearance on True Blood or the second coming of Michael Jackson, that is not the case says a former Cubs employee [Chicago Trib]

AFL BASEBALL:  Danny Moskos neck was snapped on several occassions as he watched  laser after laser fly off the bats of the opposition last night in the AFL Rising Stars Game.  We seriously thought he might have whiplash.  Be sure to watch the rebroadcast on MLB.  He was drilled for three doubles, a homer, five hits in all on the way to allowing four runs. 

Chase D’Arnaud had two hits, one a blooper into shallow right and he struck out looking to end the game.  (We did enjoy seeing his patience at the plate.)  Jose Tabata had two infield hits in his three plate appearances, but looked suspect in centerfield.

Andrew McCutchen can hear silence.


Steelers Preview


DeAngelo Hall says he was threatened by Falcons Coach Mike Smith.  In this video below it looks like he took a bionic elbow as well.  The NFL certainly is showing a double standard when it comes to how coaches are treated.  Only the Skins were penalized in this mess.

When I watch the Bengals, cornerback Jonathan Joseph impresses me.  He has made Flacco look foolish in both victories over the Ravens. 

The Pats and Colts look nearly impossible to catch in their divisions.  Agree?

BIZARRE:  Plastic surgeon creates perfect wife.  Eight surgeries later  [Bild]

Pssst….I can still see you.  Hilarious   [People of WalMart]

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