What Would a Pirate Fan Have To Be Thankful For?

The Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t exactly deserving of a fans thankfulness.  The team that got out talented on virtually a daily basis in 2009 surely doesn’t expect some fans to thank them do they? 

Well, Rum Bunter is thankful crew.  Yeh, we said it. 

This morning I went over to the Pirates site to read the Thanksgiving message from Pirates owner Bob Nutting, but it apparently hasn’t be posted yet. 

So anyway, I did find an interesting article by Jenifer Langosch about the Pirates Dominican Academy educating the players on the Thanksgiving holiday as a way to introduce US culture. 

But it was disappointing to hear that the Academy couldn’t complete their July 4 culture training, as they were not able to find fireworks in the country.  PNC Park certainly seems to have plenty.

And we are thankful for those fireworks at PNC Park.

We are thankful for the lemonade man.  God that’s a great gig.

We are thankful for the cotton candy.

And the beer man.  All twenty of the beer men we met this season.  It coulda been more.

And the no-no is bye-bye.

And the no-no is bye-bye. Thanks Ronny

We are thankful for the playground at PNC Park.  A place where the kids can  have enjoyment while the parents are sheltered from the frustration of having to watch the Bucs battle to just get one hit, just one.   (Now that old tv that is mounted beside the sliding board fence, blaring the vicious play by play of Pirate after Pirate being mowed down….well, that needs to go.  The playground is our happy place.)

We are thankful for the creative people in the sales office.  Their efforts don’t go unnoticed.  Without sales, we might not get to enjoy the beer, the lemonade, the playground, and the occasional game the Pirates stick it to the opposition.  The sales team of the Pirates is the best in the business.  Bottom line.

IMG_0924We are thankful for the Kennametal K girl.  And the lonely executive who supports the Bucs.

Brandon Moss circles the bases after a walkoff homer against the Brewers

Brandon Moss circles the bases after a walkoff homer against the Brewers

I’m thankful that DY pulled his jersey out after Brandon Moss’ walkoff against the Brewers. Screw the Brewers. 

I’m thankful for the passion the Pirates played with at the end of the season.  (The very, very end of the season, not the 28 of 37 loss stretch or the…well you know it was bad.) We are especially thankful when they crushed the Dodgers 11-1.  The same Dodgers who were trying to capture a post season berth.  Damn, that pissed off the LA Times (I wonder what happened to the champagne?)

IMG_0694I’m thankful Jason Kendall wasn’t piledriven into the pristine PNC Park grass by any Pirate this season.  Let’s wait a while and on a day when Kendall least expects it, let Kyle McPherson bring some heat inside.  Please charge the mound Kendall, please charge the mound.

We are thankful for Rocco Demaro.   His postgame show, Extra Innings are legendary. 

Heh, there are many things to be thankful for on this great holiday.  The Rum Bunter team is certainly thankful for all of the support we have received from you our readers.

We had no idea this thing would take off.  I mean, heh, I can’t even write what it means to us.  Thank you. 

We gotta head out to the annual Turkey Bowl.  Have a great holiday!

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