Marlins Maniac Brings Pirate Fans Down to Earth on Rule 5 Pick Raynor

If you want to know something about the Florida Marlins, just go to the man, Michael Jong at Marlins Maniac.  He won the Best Marlins Blog in the Galaxy as voted on by the dancers at Cheerleaders in a recent poll.  Here is what Michael said about today’s Rule 5 draft pick by the Pirates:

Raynor’s been traditionally scouted as a guy who lacked the pop and offensive ability to fit the corner outfield but could never play center field well enough. He was one of two ‘tweeners in the organization, along with Scott Cousins.  Cousins is a year younger and decidedly more promising in terms of potentially playing center. The other guys mentioned are also moving up the organization, so in a way Raynor did seem squeezed out due to more promising talent. There’s not a lot of room for a soon-to-be 26-year old tweener corner outfielder in the Marlins org.

That said, yes he’s pretty fast. Yes, he has decent plate patience, sort of a power-patience guy without a lot of power. Does strike out a lot, doesn’t have the whole package to make up for that. He looks like what Jeremy Hermida used to look like before he came up, but with speed. His most recent season in AAA was awful. He seems average with the glove, and the overall package probably makes him a fringe starter at best. Still, not a bad pick, especially for a team like the Pirates who could use any depth they can get.

Enjoy, but I don’t think he’ll turn into a regular.

– Michael Jong

Did anyone hear Andrew McCutchen mutter something today?  So this old guy Raynor thinks he fast…?  He obviously doesn’t know I turn off my bedroom light and am under the covers before the light goes out.

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