Andre Dawson? Seriously?

Dawson Back

Andre Dawson is a Hall of Famer.  Someone has got to be kidding me. 

Dawson isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last to enter the hallowed halls without merit.  However, in my worthless opinion, Dawson as a Hall of Famer just doesn’t add up.

The turf at Olympic Stadium is getting enough mentions to be a trending topic on Twitter.  It’s ridiculous.  How many plate appearances did the guy need to compile these stats, it certainly seems like he was a man who wouldn’t give up the game. 

Most certainly however, the man epitomizes class.  But is that now an important measurement for what the BBWAA deem Hall of Fame worthy? 

If baseball had more men like Dawson, the game would be better for it.  No question.   A player that signs a blank contract?  Like Dawson did.  That is noble.

He was above average.  Each year he put up solid numbers, but was he even the best player on his team?  He had WAR numbers that were terrific for four years, he had one outstanding season, but come on, this was a below borderline candidate.

Andre Dawson is now the Hall of Famer outfielder with the lowest OBP  (.323).  Dawson pulls in behind Reggie Jackson for lowest batting average of players that were primarily outfielders in the Hall of Fame.  Heh, somebody has to hold that mark I guess.

Sorry for the ramble my beloved readers.  I trust you will excuse me on this one if you feel differently.  We congratulate all of the fans in Montreal, Chicago, Boston (your 33rd player in the HOF) and Florida (your first.) 

Please don’t misunderstand, we think the eight-time All-Star and Gold Glove winner is a great, great guy.  Dawson was a solid player trapped in some unfortunate surroundings that hindered his potential greatly, especially his 12 knee surgeries. 

But for me, I love going to the Hall of Fame to look at players like Honus Wagner.   Ty Cobb.    Dawson will fit in alphabetically in the center field bust section beside Earle Combs and Joe DiMaggio.  Hmm.  Seems right to you?

Who’s next BBWAA?  Todd Helton?

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