John Perrotto Talks Pirates at Baseball Prospectus

John Perrotto is one of the top dogs at BP.  He penned a little Pirate talk today and also used the word penuriousness in describing Bob Nutting.  Here are some of the lines from the ‘premium content’ article.   Oh, let me save you the google search:   penuriousness – a state of lacking money

The Pirates, though, insist things are different this time. They are adamant that this stab at rebuilding is going to take hold and restore credibility to the franchise. 

PECOTA isn’t  so bullish on the Pirates’ short-term future, as it projects them to finish 70-92 this year, which would be the worst record in the major leagues, but it would be an improvement over their 62-99 mark in 2009. The Pirates will also have the lowest payroll in the game at estimated $35 million, which is part the penuriousness of owner Bob Nutting, who believes in making a profit first and winning second, and the fact that the Pirates have a young roster devoid of many players with the necessary major-league service time to make much over the minimum $400,000 salary.

Andrew McCutchens’ quote was the highlight of the article for me. 

“People won’t know how good we are going to be until they watch us. I’m not a guy who makes predictions. I don’t know what our record is going to be. What I do know is that we’re going to have a much better team because Neal Huntington went out and got a lot of good players.”

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